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Straight Cut Acacia Dining Table With Black X-Shaped Legs/Natural Color

$950.00 CAD

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180cm (6 ft) / 210cm (7 ft) / 240cm (8 ft) / 270cm (9 ft)
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 All our Acacia wood is FSC-certified.  All our tables go through a rigorous quality check before being shipped out to your home.                        

Dimensions (LWH): 

  • 300x100x76 cm / 118x39.5x30 inches (10 feet) (~360.00 lbs)
  • 270x100x76 cm / 106.3x39.5x30 inches (9 feet) (~320.00 lbs)
  • 240x100x76 cm / 94.5x39.5x30 inches (8 feet) (~278.00 lbs)
  • 210x100x76 cm / 82.6x39.5x30 inches (7 feet) (~225.00 lbs)
  • 180x90x76 cm / 71x35.5x30 inches (6 feet) (~161.00 lbs)
  • 150x90x76 cm / 59x35.5x30 inches (5 feet) (~141.00 lbs)

Table thickness: 5cm (2.2 inches)

The Vermont table has a natural finish that pairs beautifully and effortlessly with the industrial minimalist design of our matte black X shaped legs. If you are going for the rustic farmhouse look, but with a classy modern twist, this modern wooden dining table will not disappoint. The tabletop is handcrafted from solid acacia wood, with a smooth top and smooth straight cut edges. Vermont will bring life to your dining experience for the years to come.

How to assemble the table legs

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