Kellin Sectional Sofa - Cream

$1,050.00 CAD

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Left-hand facing / Right-hand facing

Dimensions: 312L x 156D x 87H cm

This is inspired by minimalist teak furniture for everyday living. The Kellin Sectional couch is made up of 2 parts: the main sitting side and the extended resting side. The seat has three removable cushions which are perpendicular to the three back cushions. This couch is the perfect size to comfortably fit 3 people. The Kellin Sectional is supported by contrast wooden legs.

Frame: Eucaplytues+Plywood                      
Seat: 30kg/m3 polyurethane foam                                             
Back : 20kg/m3 polyurethane foam

Colour: Cream, also available in dark grey
Chaise Position: Right-hand facing and Left-hand facing

Please note that the actual colours of the product may vary from the images on this page.